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The opportunity

Any physical representation of the image of a company that people perceive, it could be a letter written on stamped paper, a product and its packaging, a booklet, a logo on an advertisement, a poster, a vehicle labeled or a website, is a good opportunity to gain respect and trust from your customers.

Our objective

Hidrogeno 8 generates a visual communication design, which creates a perfect balance between a creatively developed marketing idea and the aesthetics that will make your company have a high impact on its customers.

Communicating visually

We generate the right messages to be clear projecting a correct image of your company, generating the added value that will show the confidence, experience, and differential that will help you attract new customers taking your company to the next level.

Service image

Every detail counts

From a postcard to a spectacular, each piece is studied and created to have an effect on your potential customers. It is not enough that it looks aesthetic it is necessary that it has a correct use of words, colors and images so that the messages we transmit are the correct ones and the most attractive ones.

High impact

Each design is created in collaboration with designers, publicists and marketers that together create a high impact to be considered

Low investment

Strengthen the capacity of your company with an entire team of marketers and designers endorsed your brand for a fraction of the cost of having staff in plant.

Contact us

Headquarters Querétaro

  • Oficina: Ejército Republicano 119-1 Segundo Piso, Colonia Carretas ,Querétaro México
  • Email contacto@hidrogeno8.com

Branch Guadalajara

  • Oficina: Periférico Sur 7999 –A Santa María Tequepexpan Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Guadalajara México
  • Email contacto@hidrogeno8.com

Branch San Francisco Bay

  • Oficina: 2150 Allston Way #400, Berkeley, California 94704, United States
  • Email hello@hidrogeno8.com