Corporate identity

An image says more than a thousand words, but a good corporate image speaks well of your company. We are sure that your company has a great story to tell, your projects, corporate culture and goals.

In H8 we like that every detail distinguishes you and that your corporate identity becomes the physical manifestation of your brand.

We look for your corporate identity to reflect your essence to:

  • Create or define the sense of organizational culture
  • Build your corporate personality
  • Strengthen the spirit of belonging and leadership
  • Generate an attractive concept for the launch of new products and services.
  • Generate favorable public opinion


We generate an attractive concept of your brand by generating a graphic version of an assessment of your company that will make it different and unique.

We make each logo reflect dynamism, creativity and formality.

We know where your company wants to go and we create the first step so you can achieve it.



We refresh the image of your brand projecting evolution, growth and maturity.

Is it time for a change? We take care ... We give you that new touch that reflects the experience and trajectory you have to build trust with your customers and position yourself as the first and most experienced option of your business.

Some of our works


Element: Firma electrónica

Development year 2015


Element: Diseño de logotipo

Development year 2016


Element: Uniforme para restaurante

Development year 2016

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